Slack, Airtable, Discord, Telegram

We've set up our webhooks so that they integrate with external applications in real-time.



  1. Set up a Slack Webhook URL in Slack: directions

  2. Send Loop the unique Slack Webhook URL at this email.


If you are using Airtable to manage your users, you can easily integrate webhook notifications from Loop to update your Airtable Base. Navigate to Automations within Airtable where you will find your unique endpoint URL.

Share this URL with Loop, and we'll configure your notifications to send to that endpoint. In Airtable, you'll just need to set the webhook as a "trigger" to then initiate any type of Airtable automation you need, such as updating a user record to "paid." Here is the relevant section of the Airtable documentation for more details.



  1. Send Loop the unique Discord Webhook URL at this email.

A video of the Discord webhook URL creation is shown below for reference:


For notifications in Telegram, check out Nodefy. It's a service that provides a simple interface for setting up notifications and alerts related to on-chain events. The simplest way to implement the notifications is to set up a trigger that sends every time your Inbound Treasury wallet on Loop Crypto receives a payment. If you have any questions, we are happy to put you in touch with the Nodefy team.

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