Collecting authorization

Companies can collect authorization from EOAs and multisig wallets. This is done via the checkout page or widget.

You can use a live payment link on the Goerli testnet here.

Checkout page

Loop provides a custom checkout page for each item with the type of "subscription, donation, fee, or one-time payment". This page is useful for companies accepting crypto payments and can be used as a payment link or in a “pay with crypto” button.

For invoices, Loop provides a landing page for customers to input their invoice number and amount and then schedule a payment. This functionality only currently works with our Stripe, Quickbooks, and Xero invoicing integrations.

Checkout widget

For applications that prefer a pop-up checkout window, Loop provides a checkout widget that can be integrated in the context of your company's website or application to enable your customers to pay with crypto. The modal allows end users to give Loop authorization to enable autopay.


Loop allows you to configure additional functionality by appending it to the end of the Loop checkout page URL. This functionality includes the following:

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