Add "pay with crypto" button

Accepting a crypto payment option is extremely simple; all you need to do is set the href of a "pay with crypto" button on your website to direct customers to the appropriate payment link. An example is shown below to set up a link to Loop's hosted Checkout page.

1. Configure items

To start accepting crypto, you'll need to have the relevant item information configured.

Add a checkout button to your website that links to your specific payment link.

We've provided stock code, but you can use your own.

    <title>Buy cool new product</title>
    <div class="buy-container">
      <a class="buy-button" href="">Pay with crypto</a>

Each subscription item has its own unique checkout page. If you have multiple items, it is simplest to add a button for each item (such as each subscription tier). However, if you want to use one button, you can pass through to the URL the desired item name to render the correct item details. This works because our checkout page uses the entity ID and item ID to know what item information to show.<entity ID>/<item ID>

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