Loop + Frames

Companies can easily render their own frame on Warpcast by using this URL

https://frames.loopcrypto.xyz/<entityID>?items=<itemID>,<itemID>,<itemID>, =<itemID>

Both the entity ID and the item ID can be found in the payment link for a specific item.

Once you've created your payment link using Loop, simply paste that link into a cast on Warpcast. Your Frame will then render with the Loop checkout links at the bottom.

Pro tips:

  • You can check your frame at https://warpcast.com/~/developers/frames

  • EntityID can be found on the company dashboard, on the developer page, under company details.

  • ItemIDs can be found on the company dashboard by hovering over the item name or copying the URL or using the GET items call.

Expected functionality:

  • The Frame will display the first four items as Frames can only handle four items currently.

  • If no items are passed in, Loop will use the first four active items that returned from the Loop database.

  • If no logo is configured for the company, Loop will use the company name. If you want to configure your logo, reach out to us at support@loopcrypto.xyz.

  • "Price varies" items will show up as "$0" in the Frame.

  • When you click on the item at the bottom of the Frame, it will open a new page to purchase the item.

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