Loop is a trusted payment infrastructure for web3

Loop Crypto makes it simple to collect and pay in crypto by allowing companies to schedule payments and turn on autopay.

By enabling autopay Loop reduces customer churn and eliminates time-consuming payment collection and follow-up and by connecting on-chain and off-chain data, Loop streamlines invoice reconciliation and accounting. Loop does this by providing the smart contracts and the tooling companies and DAOs need to bring automation to their workflows.

Are you ready to supercharge your payments? Grab a time with Jeff, our Head of Business Operations.

Why Loop?

Companies and organizations choose to use Loop for the following reasons:

  • Reduce churn. Having your customers initiate a transaction each month increases friction and reduces the chance of successful payments, especially with multi-sigs.

  • Loop is built to fit into your financial stack. We have integrations with 3rd party payment management platforms like Stripe, Chargebee, and and enable companies to link on-chain transactions with invoices in their ERP systems.

  • Payment details (i.e. invoice number, customer identifier, etc.) are automatically matched with on-chain payment data. This means you can easily sync on-chain transactions with off-chain billing details without you ever having to ask for a transaction hash again.

  • Real time notifications upon authorization, payment, cancelation, and invoice creation.

  • Eliminate payment errors. Using Loops means you will always get paid in the right amount, in the desired token, on the desired chain.

  • Easily build automations to close out invoices upon payment, grant access to your end product and sync with your accounting software.

Feature set

We build fast and deploy often. Below is a high level overview of our feature set. To stay up to date on our newest features, join our mailing list by reaching out to or fill out our contact form.

About Us

At Loop, we believe in a decentralized, interoperable future and are focused on automating crypto transactions to accelerate that future.

Loop is built by crypto veterans who have worked at crypto companies and felt the pain of manually sending and accepting every single crypto transaction. Your time is valuable, and we're on a mission to give you more of it.

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