What are agreements?

When a wallet provides authorization to a contract either via the modal or checkout page an agreement is recorded noting the association between the wallet, item, and approved token. If more than one token is approved, more than one agreement is made. Every agreement has an agreementID which is used below in the API call to cancel this association.

Agreements are shown on the Customers page on the company dashboard. Here, you can send invoices and can cancel agreements by clicking "Manage" -> "Cancel" in the table:

Canceling agreements via API

Loop also provides an API endpoint to cancel agreements. After an agreement has been canceled, subscriber wallet authorizations for the contract will remain, as this can only be changed by the end customer. Canceling an agreement will automatically cancel any transfer requests that exist for that agreement.

To get the agreementID, you can use the GET agreements endpoint to query all the wallets that have authorized your contract and their associated items.

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