Accepting ETH and MATIC

Because Loop payment automations use the ERC20 allowance function, Loop can't process payments for native tokens that don't conform to the ERC20 specification. However, customers can wrap the native tokens - ETH and MATIC - at checkout and immediately set up autopay with their wrapped tokens. Additionally, Loop provides the ability to wrap ETH directly in the Loop Portal.

Wrapping tokens in checkout

To wrap a token in checkout, select the native token you want to use for autopay.

Next, you will confirm the amount you will be wrapping, as well as the allowance you'd like to set.

When you click "Checkout", you will be prompted to sign those transactions in your wallet, and when they are confirmed on-chain, you're done!

Wrapping in the Loop Portal

You can also manage wrapping native tokens in the Loop Portal. This is helpful if you already have a subscription set up, and you want to wrap an additional amount because you want to increase the allowance for an existing subscription.

On the Authorizations page, you will see the balance that's available to wrap:

To wrap additional ETH, click "wrap to weth", and confirm the amount you want to wrap:

Finally, confirm the transaction in your wallet, and your native token will be wrapped, and eligible to increase your allowance.

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