Enabling payment on multiple networks

Loop allows you to collect payment on several networks. The networks you are willing to accept payment on is controlled by the "accepted tokens" parameter. Including a token on a network unlocks that network.

You can only choose tokens that are in the smart contract. You can find the list of default tokens here. If there is an ERC-20 token you'd like to accept, please reach out to Loop so we can add the token to your contract.

Company dashboard

Navigate to the "subscriptions" page, click "edit" under "manage" and modify the accepted tokens list. You can add a new network by adding a token on that network.


You can always edit the tokens you are willing to accept for a subscription or one-time payment on the dashboard or via the PUT Items call.

Stripe + Chargebee

By default any product brought in from these systems will have ALL the tokens saved in the contracts enabled. If you would like to limit the tokens, you will need to edit the item's accepted tokens list.

Collecting authorization

When a customer uses the checkout page or modal they will be able to change networks and see only the tokens that are accepted on that network. If the user picks a network that is not supported, they will see a notification letting them know which networks are supported.


You must have a smart contract deployed on the desired network. You can find a list of smart contracts on the Developer page. Reach out to Loop if you'd like to add a supported network.

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