Quickbooks + Loop

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Loop built an integration with Quickbooks Online to help simplify crypto payments. We do through automations that save you time and streamline their operations.

Our integration lets you:

  • Get immediate notification and record of payment confirmation in Quickbooks: Loop will notify you when the payment confirms on-chain via webhook, mark the invoice in Quickbooks as paid, and include the transaction hash. Never bug a customer again to ask if they paid and for confirmation.

  • Always receive the right amount, on the right chain: Loop converts at the time of payment, so you know you will always receive the full amount. Concurrently, our checkout page is designed so that payers can only pay in the tokens and on the chains you pre-define while our pull functionality insures it always goes to the right place.

  • Single source of truth: You can manage your customer base and one-time payment products in a single place, even if some of your customers pay with fiat and some of your customers pay with crypto.

The challenge solved

Historically, businesses getting paid in crypto would need to manually update invoices as paid in Quickbooks. This was a tremendous hassle because it required trying to figure out which transaction hashes were associated with which invoices in Quickbooks. Often times businesses would rely on trying to match amounts (e.g., seeing a crypto transaction for ~100 USDC and assuming that it was associated with an open invoice of $100). This Loop integration solves that challenge.

At a high level, the integration allows you to use Quickbooks as your invoicing tool while Loop functions as the crypto payment processor that you are able to plug into Quickbooks as another payment option for your customers. It is analogous to using Quickbooks for invoicing and Stripe as your payment processor for credit card payments.

Check out our announcement for more information.


Loop will send you a link that directs you to the Quickbooks app page and prompts you to connect Loop to your Quickbooks account as an app. That's it!

Once you connect your account, you will see all of your products in Quickbooks sync with your Loop Company Dashboard.

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